Pages By Role WordPress Plugin

I was working on a WordPress website for a local sports team ( and I wanted to have certain pages only appear as links if the team member was logged in. I was using another plugin Member Access by Chris Abernethy that would deny users from getting access to the page, but I don’t like to present visitors with links they don’t have access to.

I noticed that the Meta widget would customize if the user was logged in, so I searched the plugin database to see if I could find anything more advanced. I found the Custom Meta plugin where I could optionally set whether or not existing meta links would appear, but that was all.

Since I couldn’t find what I needed, I built it. Pages By Role gives designers the ability to add pages to the widget while specifying what WordPress roles are required.

From a drop down you can select the page, user role and optional override text for each link you want to have displayed. A simple UI lets you re-sort your selections.

You can download the plugin by going to

If there is a feature that you would like to see added to this plugin, feel free to leave a comment!

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