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Keeping Your Email Organized

Even with all the different methods of communication online (such as Twitter, RSS feeds, texting, instant messages and many more) for business owners email is the main method of communication dealing with work. It can also be the most challenging … Continue reading

Moved to a New House

It has been a tough couple weeks! My fiancĂ©e and I found a house that we were interested in and we were lucky enough to purchase it. We didn’t move very far from our old location but we did decide … Continue reading

Why You Should Use a Smart Phone

Cellular phones have come a long way since the first commercial cellular phone was launched in 1979. With many modern models, not only can you make phone calls, but there are more and more services being made available to provide … Continue reading

Top 10 New Ways to Reduce Spam Email

Spam emails are unsolicited commercial email sent without consent. It is email that you don’t want and didn’t ask for. Spammers attempt to send emails in a few different ways including purchasing large lists of email addresses and using software … Continue reading