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Top Reasons to Centralize Your Files

In a small office you most likely have more than one computer. As more computers are added to the office you have more things to think about. People in the office will share files in many ways, and it’s best if you can have a little control. Find out how you can keep your important business files organized centrally, and why having them accessible by all computers in one place will save you time, money and confusion.

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Keeping Your Email Organized

Even with all the different methods of communication online (such as Twitter, RSS feeds, texting, instant messages and many more) for business owners email is the main method of communication dealing with work. It can also be the most challenging to keep organized, especially when you need to find an important email you received a few months ago from one of your contacts at a company. Fortunately todays email tools can help you stay on top of this challenge and turn your email archive from a disaster area into a useful resource.

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Should You Be Using QuickBooks 2010?

Over the last couple weeks I have helped a few companies upgrade their QuickBooks to QuickBooks Pro 2009. Both had been using it for the most basic of tasks (bank account reconciliation), but not for the many features available to them. I spent over half an hour going over some of the features available, and how they could really benefit their business.

This weekend I noticed that QuickBooks 2010 is now available (in Canada) and I went through the process of upgrading my 2009 copy to 2010. If you are currently using QuickBooks (any version) or if you are not using any business financial software, here are a few reasons that you should consider getting QuickBooks 2010.

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