In developing a client's simple web site (now no longer available) I had the need to fix a bug in IE6 that doesn't handle PNG transparency. There were a couple plugins that already existed, but it really messed with the layout that already existed. So, I searched the internet. I came across the website and implemented their code in my very first WordPress plugin.

After a couple days, I received some feedback from a user mentioning that it would be nice to be able to choose the PNG fix method between the 2 methods that twinhelix had produced. I figured it would be even better to provide a few options, and over the course of the last year I have made many improvements to the plugin. Currently, you can select from 5 different methods and the IE6 detection can occur server side (default) or client side for web sites that have the generated HTML cached at some level.

You can download the plugin by going to

If you are going to ask for help using the comments section below, please ensure you leave the plugin on Debug mode on your site before submitting your ask for help. It really helps with the diagnosis!


  1. baron says:

    Works great, thank you

  2. Ciprian says:

    Great idea and great plugin! I was actually going to build this but it seems you started before me. I have another plugin (live countdown timer) that i’m upgrading to make it transparent shortly, and i want to let you know that I will be referring people to your plugin to use it in case they want ie6 transparency to work with my plugin.
    And keep up the good work!

  3. José Luís says:


    Great plugin! Do you have any plans on supporting DD_belatedPNG?

    As I could see on this comparison if it’s not the best, it’s, at least, one of the smallest…

  4. Hey,

    Super plugin!! Works fine.
    I had some trouble with the plugin because of my css file, but with excellent service it works great!

    Thank you!

  5. Nicole says:

    Using this on a WP site for a client, great plugin, except that no matter which method I choose, all of my .png images are simply vanishing instead of having transparency work. Any ideas?

  6. Tracy says:

    I cant seem to get this working in wordpress 2.8.4. I have tested the last commenter’s url too. I think it maybe a wordpress bug as I disabled plugins and tested my own conditional comments and that wouldn’t work either.

  7. Adam Erstelle says:

    If you are having problems, check your theme. Some theme’s will have CSS that conflicts with any PNG fix in IE6. There have been a couple people experiencing this problem that I’ve helped.

  8. Tracy says:

    Got it working my doing it manually but had to place it in stylesheet as conditional comments still do not work.

  9. Elephant says:


    I’ve tried this fix with the default theme of WordPress 2.8.4 and it’s still not working. Are you sure it should work with this newest version of WP?

    Tnx in advance.

  10. Adam Erstelle says:

    I’m about to setup a new site. I’ll try it out there and see what may be conflicting.

  11. Upekshapriya says:

    Just thought you’d like to know that you can find SuperSleight at – so you can add it to the credits.

    It’s fantastic having all these options in one plugin – for my purposes DD_belatedPNG turned out to be the fastest and the best for background images. Thanks a lot.

  12. Jack says:

    Hi, thanks for the plugin, but I have the same problem with WP 2.8.4 as the plugin seems not to be working for now. I tried different methods. Any sugguestion? Thanks.

  13. Adam Erstelle says:

    What is the URL of the site you are having problems with? Do the images still have the grey background or is the plugin causing problems with another plugin?

  14. Jack says:

    Hi Thanks, it’s I tried on IE6, the grey background is still there.

  15. Jean says:

    Is this working on wp 2.8.4?

  16. Adam Erstelle says:

    Yes, the plugin does work on 2.8.4, but it looks like many themes might interfere with it.

  17. Abdul Ibad says:

    it’s does work in localhost.
    but doesn’t work when it’s has been uploaded to my website.

    see (with IE6)

  18. Adam Erstelle says:

    Abdul, I had a look at your website, and it the problem may be the way you are defining your image as the background….but most likely it is because your are applying your styling after the fix is applied. Move your css files to be before the HITS-IE6 PNGFix is executed in HEAD.

  19. Adam Erstelle says:

    Jack, I had a look at your site, and your HEAD has an unusually little amount of code in there. Check to see if your theme is allowing wordpress to place it’s code into your HTML.

  20. Jack says:

    Thanks a lot for this. As I wrote the them by myself. I am not so sure probably I missed something. Could you tell me which code should be put into the html. Thanks.

  21. Adam Erstelle says:

    At the least you will probably want wp_head() to echo out it’s code. I have it just prior to the HEAD tags in HTML.

  22. Gregg says:

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for putting in the hard work on this plugin. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting it to work with any of the available methods. A gray background still appears within IE6.

    I assume that it’s a problem with my child theme or the css file. What should I look for in order to correct the problem? My site is


  23. Nav says:

    Great plugin. The only problem i am having is that twin helix v2.0 hides some background png images. not sure why.

  24. Adam Erstelle says:

    Unfortunately, not all methods work for all people. If were that easy, there would be only one!

  25. benoit says:


    i have made a french translation for the ie6 png fix but don’t know how to send it to you

  26. Adam Erstelle says:

    I’ll send you an email so you have my address. Thanks for the translation work!

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  29. […] your PNGs in IE6 quickly and easily with HITS- IE6 PNGFix. While this works as soon as it’s installed, it actually allows you two switch to different PNG […]

  30. guille says:

    Gracias por postearlo lo andab buscando

  31. Jeff says:

    This works great, but we have out entire site served up via SSL. The plugin generates code for http links to the javascript files, but we need https. Any chance you could add a fix in the next release? Thanks!

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  33. Julia says:


    It doesn’t seem to be working for me. The CSS is before the fix. It is on DD_belatedPNG. Is there anything else I can try?



    • Adam Erstelle says:

      Hi Julia, i think your issue is that it’s your “a” element that has the image, and that element (or class) is not in the css selector. Add “.stellagallery” to the css selector and you should be ok?

  34. Matt says:

    I am trying to confirm that this will fix the problem I am having with IE6.

    I have a png image that is transparent except for some scripted writing. But when I use a href with the png the rectangle is high-lighted and so the writing cannot be seen.

    Here is the code:

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  36. Paul says:

    Thank you so much for this plugin! You are a lifesaver 🙂

  37. Mr.Mark says:

    Does this plugin work properly on WP3?

  38. Richard Gunn says:

    Great plugin – unfortunately there appears to be a problem with page caching.

    If the page is not cached and the first browser to request it is IE6, then the ‘fixed’ page is cached and served to all subsequent browsers that request it – this means the fix code will run every time on the cached page and may cause problems with other browsers.

    Conversely, if a non-IE6 browser requests the page for the first-time, the page will be cached without the ‘fix’ code and then if IE6 later requests that page, it will get an unfixed cached page.

    It’s better to leave the browser detection to the browser by using the IE conditional comments.

    I’m changing the wp_head() function in your plugin – I’m ignoring your browser detect code and will always write out the javascript links between conditional comments – this will ensure that a cached paged always contains the links to the javascript.

    Perhaps you could add an option for sites that used cached pages?

  39. Adam Erstelle says:

    I’m just about to add the ability to switch between server and client side detection.

  40. Richard Gunn says:

    Cool – saves me from maintaining a custom version 🙂

  41. Matt says:

    Many thanks for this plugin. Been spending a while looking for a working solution. 🙂

    After trial and error with all the available methods, I ended up using DD_belatedPNG.

  42. Orla says:

    Oh my goodness, you’re a lifesaver!!! Great plugin. DD_belatedPNG worked for me.


  43. Bill says:

    Great plug-in. Many thanks.

  44. bingjie says:

    great,,,I was worrying about the clients browser version. thanks a lot.

  45. Shoot, the WordPress ate my comments. Changing the last part of line 185 in hits-pngfix.php from this…

    endif] –>

    …to this…


    …fixed my problems. Yep, that extra space caused IE 7 and 8 to not render the entire page.

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  47. bingjie says:

    nice idea…thanks

  48. Gervásio says:

    Hello Adam,

    I have made a Portuguese Brazilian translation for IE6 PNG Fix for my own use. Now I want to send this translation to you, as a way to say ‘thanks for the plugin’. Please contact me via e-mail, so I can send you the translation file.



  49. Orla says:

    Just had a minor panic attack when I noticed my site was blank in IE7 & 8. Thanks a mill Justin for the heads up re: the space in hits-pngfix.php My [endif] –> occurred on line 167 if anyone comes across the same issue.


  50. Adam Erstelle says:

    The space for the endif should have been addressed in plugin version 3.1.4. If you are still having issues with this please let me know!

  51. Muchas gracias! gran trabajo 🙂
    Thank you so much! Good job!

  52. James says:

    Hi Adam
    Just want to say thanks for contributing to the WordPress community with this plug-in, you have helped a lot of people. cheers!

  53. Hi,

    Thanks for this plugin – it saved me a lot of work on a fairly image-heavy site which needs to work in IE6.

    However I’m finding that using the fix that works best on my site, I get a little red x and a white border aorund my images – as if they weren’t there when in fact they are. Admittedly this is testing in adobe browserlab, not IE6, so I can’t be sure what’s really happening.

    The url is

    Have you come across this before?



    • Adam Erstelle says:

      Hmm, it appears I have a bug with the supersleight method, where the “x.gif” is not having the proper plugin path. I will look into a fix

  54. rexusdiablos says:

    Great plugin but is it supposed to work on a local server?

  55. Adam Erstelle says:

    Yes, it should work on any server (i developed and tested it on a local server)

  56. Superfly Web Designs says:

    Thank you! The hits plugin is fantastic and has saved me headaches with file paths, etc..

  57. Josh says:

    Thanks eh. The TwinHelix v2 method worked great for me but
    not the v1. I got that same red x and white border (missing image)
    thing that Rachel was getting. Again, muchly appreciated. Now if
    IE6 would only go away quietly.

  58. David says:

    Many thanks! Works great for divs that have png backgrounds

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  60. krista says:

    I use the Twin Helix v2 and it only works on some of the png images all the one in my navagation bar still show the blue around them any ideas as to why?

    • Adam Erstelle says:

      I don’t know krista, can you enable debug mode on your website and give me the URL so I can help you troubleshoot?

  61. Heather says:

    Thanks for this great plugin! I’m in the process of moving my site from localhost to a live server, and received some error messages in the process. Some were fixed by uninstalling and then reinstalling the plugin. However, 2 errors continued to show.

    One was “Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0!” I had received this on other plugins, and was able to fix it by changing the role identifier on line 401 from 10 to ‘edit_pages’:
    add_options_page('HITS- IE6 PNG Fix', 'HITS- IE6 PNG Fix', 'edit_pages', basename(__FILE__), array(&$this,'admin_options_page'));
    (per this article)

    The other error that I’m still getting is this notice:
    Notice: Undefined index: hits-ie6-pngfix/hits-pngfix.php in /mnt/stor1-wc1-dfw1/371199/387128/ on line 134

    I’m not super savvy with php, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix this. If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!

    • Adam Erstelle says:

      Hmm, in looking into the errors, I think I need more information about the second error you receive. Current version of the plugin shows line 134 as only being an End-Brace

  62. Eelco Hoff says:

    I had to use this plugin for a small site. It works great. Don’t ask why there this still is need for this plugin ;-). Our (large) business network still usses IE6 for a couple of months. Great job!

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